Mercer County neighbors watch as flood waters rush through streets

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GREENVILLE, Pa. (WKBN) – Last week it was flooding along route 224 in Mahoning County. Late Wednesday afternoon it was further north in parts of Trumbull and Mercer counties.

In Greenville, a stretch of houses along N. High Street was among the hardest hit. One woman had to be rescued as water surrounded her house, rising inside her home.

“The water was coming through where that house is right there, and thank God they got the older lady out. The fire department busted in their door to get the water out of their house,” said Charleen Calloway.

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Calloway and Jim McFarland live across from where the woman was rescued. At its peak, water was up to their front porch.

“Just flooded out the whole street, flooded out our whole yard, washed out our driveway. The basement’s flooded out, I got about 10 feet of water in there,” McFarland said.

“And then it really just started picking up between 2 and 3 o’clock, and then by about 4 o’clock the roads really were flooding,” said Rachel Mariachar.

Mariachar stood in front of an alley that intersects N. High Street, where a waterfall was cascading down the hill, bringing chunks of blacktop with it.

PHOTOS: Flooding in northern Trumbull and Mercer counties

She said for a moment, it was scary.

“It was. I mean, there’s debris everywhere. There’s tree limbs, there’s railroad ties, tires, things like that. A tool box off of someone’s pick-up truck floating down the middle of the road. People were driving steadily through it,” Mariachar said.

Around the corner from N. High Street, Route 18 south was closed because of high water. At the corner of S. Race and Ohl streets, water was pouring from a manhole cover.

“We’ve had some bad flooding last couple years, maybe not quite as bad as today. But this is probably the worst I’ve seen,” Mariachar said.

At least two other cars that we know of ended up in high water. One was in Mercer County’s West Salem Township, where a car washed off the road. The other was on Hamburg Road, south of Greenville.

Orangeville-Kinsman Road in Trumbull County’s Vernon Township was closed because of high water.

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