GREENVILLE, Pa. (WKBN) – Those in charge of the drinking water in the Greenville area have some decision-making to do.

Pennsylvania’s Infrastructure Investment Authority has recommended Greenville and a half dozen other communities borrow money to replace lead pipes and service lines.

In the local case, nearly $9 million would be needed to replace water mains and about 275 service lines to peoples’ homes.

Directors with Greenville’s Municipal Water Authority must now decide if they want to take on that much debt, which would be passed on to their customers, or come up with another way to pay for the work.

If approved, the money would be used to relocate a pump station and replace lead service lines.

The Hadley Road Booster Pump Station was built in the early 1900s and would be replaced and relocated near the UPMC Horizon Hospital.

“It will be more efficient and better at reducing unwanted disinfection products in the water. The installation of a new, permanent generator at the site will ensure a continuous, reliable water supply to customers,” said State Rep. Mark Longiette, D-Mercer County.

Longietti said the project would also include replacing fire hydrants, service lines, interconnections to side streets and related valves and appurtenances – including many known to contain lead.

The system serves nearly 2,500 customers.

Longietti said the loan would cover 100% of the project costs. The loan is for a term of 240 months, with a 1% interest rate for the interest-only period and first five years of amortization, increasing to 1.743% from years six through maturity. The low-interest loan funding will provide the grant equivalent of nearly $2 million over the life of the loan.