YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Youngstown Police Department has teamed up with the city schools to begin a new mentorship program.

Saturday, they held a training session for individuals interested in becoming mentors for students.

They want to help the youth in the community throughout their schools years. These mentors will be with the student until they graduate and will meet on a consistent basis.

Youngstown City Schools Chief of Staff Jeremy Batchelor said it helps build trust with the child.

“So if we are only there two or three times, that trust is never really built. But if we are committed and we show them that they’re with them through their entire school career, then those relationships will really cultivate into something powerful,” Batchelor said.

Those who attended came from a variety of backgrounds. Many grew up in Youngstown and said they wished they had someone there for them growing up.

Batchelor hopes that the program will help get through to students who don’t always listen to teachers or parents.