SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) – Last December, we told you the story about a Sharon man who created a clothing line that focuses on an important cause. That brand is now expanding.

Kieran Davis, the owner of Contagious Co., has a clothing line that helps raise awareness around mental health and suicide prevention. After getting great feedback from the community, Davis decided to open a kiosk at the Southern Park Mall to sell his clothing. It’s been open since the beginning of March.

Davis’s beanies, t-shirts and long sleeves share inspirational quotes like “You Are loved.”

Davis’s goal is to continue to spread awareness around mental health and create a community that supports one another.

“I believe to really become the best version of yourself you may need to work through a lot of that pain and trauma to really level up in life,” Davis said.

Ten percent of the profits are donated to mental health organizations.