YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – A group of men from Teen Challenge Youngstown carried a cross throughout the city in honor of Good Friday.

The walk ended with them carrying the 20-foot-tall cross up the steps of the Stambaugh Auditorium.

The 14th annual Men’s Rally in the Valley will happen at the auditorium Saturday. This group of men was able to write down their concerns and confessions.

During Saturday’s rally, they will nail them to the cross.

James Zieser is the secretary of Men of Faith. He says the cross has a special story.

“That was the cross that was built during one of the rallies…the title was ‘Let’s meet at the Cross.’ and our speaker actually carried this giant log down the aisle, up onto the stage, chopped it in half and put the cross together and stood it up and gave his message,” said Ziser.

Ziser says so many people in the community help make Men’s Rally in the Valley possible. It really means a lot to the Men of Faith group.

In Farrell, this was the fifth year Pastor Chris Benson of Living Faith Christian Church and members of his congregation carried crosses throughout the Shenango Valley, spreading God’s message to the community.

“It’s that salvation is possible through Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ only,” Benson said. “He died on the cross for our sins. Even an unbeliever, he died for them. Jesus is still in the business of transforming lives and hearts.’

The group of adults and children walked from Farrell through Sharon, Hermitage and Sharpsville before returning to their church for a service this evening.