(WKBN) – With millions more expected to travel by air this Memorial Day holiday than last year, experts warn it’s always best to expect the unexpected.

“That’s why we just say you have to pack your patience, pack your go-with-the-flow attitude and expect things like that will happen,” said Allison Burke with Executive Tour & Travel.

With staffing shortages affecting everything from air traffic controllers to flight crews and even baggage handlers, agents with Executive Tour & Travel in Boardman say having travel insurance is crucial.

“If your flight does get canceled or delayed and they don’t have another flight out for days, it’ll cover the cost of your stay,” Burke said.

Agents say in this day and age, when we use our cell phones for just about anything, it’s a really good idea to download the app for your airline or cruise line and a direct number to call in case your itinerary gets changed at the last minute.

“Any change, it’ll just give you a notification right on your phone and you’ll know before we could ever know,” Burke said.

Agents say it’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with your airline’s policies on delays and cancellations in case changes in your itinerary force you to head to the ticket counter.

“That’s where you stay there, you don’t get out of line, you don’t leave the counter until you get the resolution that you are satisfied with,” Burke said.