YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – As many of us celebrate Memorial Day, it’s important to remember the struggle many veterans face on a day-to-day basis. For them, learning to adjust to life outside a war zone can be quite difficult.

Many veterans see and experience things that the average person will never. It can be hard for them to rehash the memories of war, but experts say sometimes it’s necessary.

“We have seen a lot from going to war, and it shouldn’t be a sign of a weakness if you ask for help,” said Susan Krawchyk, executive director of the Mahoning County Veterans Service Commission.

Krawchyk says sometimes it can be easier to open up to another veteran who can relate.

There are signs that someone is in trouble and in need of help.

“Someone who maybe was outgoing before but now has been withdrawn so you pick up different personalty signs with someone you’ve talked to a lot, Krawchyk said.

Zeke Misiaszek served for 13 years in U.S. Army. He is also a PTSD survivor. He said most people are quiet sufferers, adding that addressing and understanding those internal battles veterans face when returning from war is crucial. So crucial, in fact, that he’s working toward becoming a therapist to help other veterans heal as he did.

“I owe it. There are men that I went overseas with that didn’t come back,” he said.

There are many local agencies right here in the Valley that offer mental health support and other assistance to veterans. You can explore services at the Mahoning County Veterans Service Commission.

You can also call:

  • Youngstown VA Clinic (330) 740-9200
  • Veterans Outreach (877) 231-5501
  • Mahoning County Veterans Services Commission (330) 740 -2452