YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Physical Therapy can help our bodies after surgery and injuries.
A regional medical center is adding a service to help with an expected baby boom.

Paige Genova is a certified occupational therapist, leading pelvic floor rehabilitation.
The pelvic floor supports the organs, which are essential in stability, sex and even your body’s elimination. It can be a problem if the muscles aren’t contracting and relaxing on demand.

“That puts strain on the muscles surrounding the pelvic floor and starts to affect those everyday functions, Genova said.

Things like stepping off a curb or even laughing. It can also affect men. Ohio Sports & Spine Institute added this therapy and has already noticed demand among pregnant women.

“I think a lot of women think I’m just going to do a Keegle, a constraction, and the reality is there is a pretty large percentage of people who aren’t doing Keegles correctly to begin with but also that may not be appropriate,” Genova said.

Genova is working with Kelli Hulea, who is ready to give birth. The pelvic floor exercises help her prepare for that special day by helping her get a full range of the muscles. A therapist could also help strengthen them if that’s appropriate.

“I don’t experience a lot of the symptoms that most people warn you about with pains an aches, swelling things of that nature. I feel like I am able to move a lot better,” Hulea said.

Genova feels pregnant women want more knowledge and how to prepare their bodies. This type of rehabilitation can help women be prepared to give birth and then also for recovery.

“Overall knowing that you’re benefitting yourself. I guess it sort of makes it easy because youfeel much better, so to me, it’s a no brainer,” Hulea said.

This therapy can also give relief to men and women experiencing pelvic pain or have urinary problems.

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