CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Another piece of Idora Park history is being restored. A part of the Kooky Castle is getting the attention of students at Mahoning County Career and Technical Center (MCCTC), who remember the first time they saw it.

“To be honest, it looked like it was just left in a field to rot for several years,” said Jonathon Oles, a student at MCCTC.

Holes on it appear that it was used for target practice. Those holes now have to be patched before the next step in the project can begin.

The students have already fixed the woodwork on the back to stabilize the piece. Thursday, they were mixing a fiberglass resin and then applying it with mesh patches on the piece.

“Once we start to put the fiberglass on, it should be pretty easy to take back off and reshape off with the rest of the shapes,” said Joe Sander, a collision and repair instructor.

This is the seventh project MCCTC students in collision repair have done on Idora Park memorabilia from long before they were born. Idora Park was open from 1899 to 1984.

A car from the Golden Nugget in the 1960s. The ride was changed and made scarier in ’72 and was called the Kooky Castle. And the Hooterville Highway car once carried children around a track at Idora Park. Last year, they repaired an elephant. Each project requires different skills.

“Every one of them was a lot of fun but they all have their different little tweaks and quirks about them,” Sander said.

This one is a size challenge. One hundred pounds is more difficult to move because the piece of the Kooky Castle is 14 feet tall and three feet wide. Ahead is more grinding, sanding and painting. The goal is to preserve local history.

“I wouldn’t say it’s gonna be perfect. I would say it’s gonna be like, Oh yeah, you can definitely pass this off as it’s good enough, it’s good enough for a museum,” Oles said.

“Our students are beginners, and they’re learning so their skill level was low. But that’s what our goal is, to practice on something like this. So when they get no real world, they’re ready to go,” Sanders said.

Joe Sander met Jim Amey of the Idora Park Experience at a garage sale.

The project will take a couple of months to complete.