CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Another piece of Idora Park history has been restored.

The Kooky Castle Car has a new look, thanks to the students at Mahoning County Career and Technical Center.

When they started two months ago, the car was faded, chipped, and some pieces were broken off.

The car is actually from the Golden Nugget in the 1960s. The ride was then changed and made scarier in ’72, and it was called the Kooky Castle.

This was the fifth project which the students have completed to help restore Idora Park items.

“It looks wonderful. There was always the concern that well, it had that patina from being old, but it had been neglected in its prior life, so I wanted it to pop and look good again like it did at Idora Park,” said Jim Amey, of the Idora Park Experience.

The next project for MCCTC students is helping to restore park maintenance vehicle.

The Idora Park Experience will be open this year July 2-5.