CONNEAUT, Ohio (WKBN) – Thousands are gathering between Thursday and Saturday to honor those who served in World War II. More than 1,500 will be reenacting the infamous D-Day.

One of those reenactors traveled all the way from Massachusetts to be a part of this annual event.

“We’ve been assembling tents, getting gear together, disassembling and reassembling weapons, cleaning them, of course,” Davis Kenyon said.

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This is Kenyon’s first year at the D-day Conneaut event, but not his first time taking part in a war reenactment. He’s been doing it for four years.

He says for him, it’s personal. Like many others, he had family members who went off to fight in the war.

“I had a grandfather serve the United States Marine Corps in the Pacific, I had a step-grandfather that served in the Corps, too, but got staged stateside. I had a great-uncle, who, ironically, served in the Rangers at Normandy and another one that served with the all-famous 82nd Airborne division,” he said.

For this year’s event, Kenyon is dressed in the United State’s Army fatigue uniform. From his shoes to his clothes, all the way to what you will find in his pockets.

“I have a phrasebook for German, which will come great and handy once we land in France,” he said.

His camp has different items that would have been used in World War II on display.

“We have a variety of different stuff such as flashlights, canteens, grenades,” he said.

Kenyon said he feels these types of events are important because they teach about history.

He says he plans to continue doing reenactments until the day he dies.

D-Day Conneaut runs from Thursday through Saturday.

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