YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — One of 14 people indicted last year for selling drugs in Youngstown was sentenced Tuesday to over two years in federal prison.

Wesley May, 23, was sentenced by Judge Benita Y. Pearson in the U.S. District Court of Ohio to 27 months in prison on a charge of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute cocaine, fentanyl, and heroin.

May entered his guilty plea on February 13.

He was the first of the 14 people indicted in August for selling drugs in Youngstown between August 2020 and January 2021.

He is mentioned twice in the 54-page indictment and caught on wiretapped phone conversations on November 18, 2021, and Nov. 23, 2021, trying to arrange for the delivery of cocaine so he could sell it.

A sentencing memorandum in the case by his attorney, Eddie Sipplen of Akron, said May had been exposed to violence since he was seven when an uncle was killed. His mother went to prison when he was 14 and he was raised by a grandmother.

May was wounded in an August 2021, drive-by shooting at a home on Samuel Avenue that killed his 10-year-old sister, Persayus Davis May, and wounded two other people. A shooting a short distance away that killed a man and wounded another man is part of the same crime. Both cases are still unsolved.

In a letter to the court, May apologized, saying that while he does not pretend to be innocent, he is also “not a devil or such a threat to society as many have portrayed me to have been.”

He said he admits to making bad choices in his life and spent his time with “corrosive people,” who shaped his views.

“…I can only say I’ve only done things in which I learned from those I admired or felt were people I should follow as one does with an elder, parent, or older sibling.”

The indictment in the case said members of the drug ring used four houses in Youngstown to store or sell drugs, including South Side homes on Lasalle, East Evergreen, and Hunter avenues, and a West Side home on Rhoda Avenue.

Undercover buys in the case began on February 5, 2020, and continued until Jan. 5, 2022, when search warrants were served.

When the warrants were served, authorities found over $3,400 in cash and materials to store drugs at the Lasalle Avenue home, a 9mm semiautomatic pistol and an AR-15-type semiautomatic rifle were located at the East Evergreen Avenue and an AR-15 was found at the Hunter Avenue home of an unindicted co-conspirator.

Investigators also seized about $1,450 cash from a Matta Avenue home on the West Side during their investigation and an additional $1,480 was seized from two other defendants.