WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – A man convicted in the killing of a man at an apartment complex in Warren was sentenced Wednesday afternoon.

Cedrick Patterson appeared in court for sentencing, just two weeks after he was convicted in Bernard Owens’ murder plus the shooting of another man less than two weeks prior to Owens’ death.

It’ll be more than four decades until Patterson will even be eligible for parole. He was sentenced to 44 to 49 and a half years to life in prison.

“I am grateful that he got what he deserved. My brother got justice today and I’m grateful for that,” said Monique Owens, the victim’s sister.

Patterson was convicted in the shooting death of Bernard at the Riverview Apartments, where they both lived back in December 2021.

He was also found guilty of shooting another man in the groin less than two weeks before the murder. That man survived.

“He didn’t have to kill my baby, he didn’t. I can’t forgive him for that but I don’t hate him,” said Darlene Owens, the victim’s mother.

“All I ask, your honor, is think about the grieving this family really got to do about the senseless act of this man took upon us,” said Larry Owens, the victim’s brother.

“I pray that he gets what he deserves and then some,” said Marilyn Spencer, the mother of the victim’s daughter.

Patterson begged for forgiveness and asked the court for mercy.

“I feel awful to have participated in this epidemic called Black-on-Black violence,” Patterson said.

Judge Ronald Rice pointed to Patterson’s lengthy criminal history in three states and called him a “criminal psychopath.” The judge addressed Patterson prior to handing down his sentence.

“On Nov. 18, 2021, the victim of your felonious assault was shot in his groin by you with a handgun. That victim also has an extensive and violent criminal history with two current pending felony criminal cases in this courthouse. That victim told the police, and the jury in this case, he could not identify the person who shot him. This court finds that incredulous since you both lived in the same complex. The sub-culture of criminals who refuse to cooperate with the police directly contributed to the victim in this case being murdered by you, Mr. Patterson, 13 days later on Dec. 1, 2021. Had the victim of your shooting on Nov. 18 identified you as his shooter, a murder may have been prevented. People in this community need to wake up and cooperate with our police to quickly capture and incarcerate criminals like you.”

Judge Ronald Rice

“As Judge Rice accurately pointed out today, if the individual who had been shot a few days before this had come forward and identified his shooter, Bernard Owens would be alive today,” said Asst. Prosecutor Chris Becker.

Patterson’s attorney said they plan to file an appeal.