BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) — A man called police Wednesday to report that a driver with emergency lights on a vehicle was posing as a police officer.

According to a Boardman police report, the caller was driving on Boardman Canfield Road Wednesday night when he observed a red Chevrolet Blazer approaching from behind his vehicle at a high speed. The Blazer’s headlights were flashing, and a set of white and red lights were mounted within the grille, causing the caller to believe that the Blazer was an emergency vehicle.

The Blazer passed the caller and pulled into the Speedway parking lot. The caller pulled into the gas station and waited for the Blazer’s driver to exit the store. The driver exited the store holding an energy drink, according to the police report.

The caller told police that he asked the driver if he was an officer and, “Was there an emergency that you needed to get that Monster drink?”

According to the report, the driver said he was an officer, then pointed to the caller’s children in the back of his vehicle. The report states that the driver told the caller to “take care of [his] kids.”

The caller reported that he observed a holster on the man’s hip, though he wasn’t sure whether it contained a weapon. The caller took this to be a threat and told the driver to “come back here because I’m going to teach you the lesson of your life.”

The police report states that the driver began to reverse the Blazer toward the caller’s car, stopping abruptly before pulling back onto West Boulevard. The caller waited for police to arrive in the Speedway parking lot and told officers that he would like to pursue charges.

Police did not identify the suspect in their report but indicated that they were given a description of the driver, which matched the vehicle’s registered owner.