NORTH BLOOMFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – An Ashtabula County man said another man he knows shot at him during an altercation in Trumbull County.

According to a police report, the 21-year-old man from Rome, Ohio told officers that he was riding his motorcycle at about 3 a.m. Thursday when he got a flat tire and pulled into the Bloomfield Inn on Route 87.

While there, another man, later identified as 51-year-old Joseph Charles Gallo, pulled up and began “harassing” the victim about his motorcycle, the report stated.

The two men fought and the victim said Gallo went to his truck, took out a gun and fired it about 15 feet away from the victim’s legs and threatened to shoot him in the head before taking off in the truck, according to the report.

The victim drove away on a flat tire and called a friend and a family member for help when he got to Windsor.

Police met the victim and his family member at the Bristol Fire Department and took a report. They also noted that two bullets and one spent shell casing were recovered at the scene.

Gallo was arrested at an unnamed business later that morning and booked into the Trumbull County Jail on charges of felonious assault and domestic violence.