LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) – A New Jersey man is riding his bike across America for the 14th time. He’s been doing it since 2017, spreading awareness for people who suffered brain injuries. On Tuesday, he made a stop in Lisbon.

When William Galloway was 43 years old, he was hit by a drunk driver. Now at 60, he’s traveling the country on his bike for the 14th time, advocating for victims with brain injuries.

“I’m just determined that somebody is going to wonder what I’m doing, to be able to get this out but at the same time, know how far I’ve gone out and asked for help. I’ve put a lot of effort into what I’m doing,” Galloway said.

He says since his injury, he’s had trouble getting a job. Galloway has also been in group homes, assisted living and low-income housing. He says he got tired of it and decided to take the bike and start traveling.

“I’ve always been a bicycle nut. I’ve never rode these kinds of bikes, I’ve always rode a two-wheel bike,” Galloway said.

Now, he’s on his third bike and fifth trailer. He’s got a bunch of safety gear with lights and a flag.

Galloway says he’s ridden in all kinds of weather and usually sleeps on or next to the bike, either in the country or in a small park.

“‘Cause it’s like flashing cash. The price of this kind of bike is like $3,000. That’s just the bike, not all this other stuff,” Galloway said.

This trip started in Jacksonville, Florida with plans to go to New Mexico, but he had to come north because of Hurricane Ian. He stopped in Lisbon to get a new shifter at the Rails to Trails bike shop.

Galloway has faced a number of dangers out on the road.

“In my travels, I’ve been run off the road, people trying to rob me. I’ve met kindness unexpected, people worried about you freezing,” Galloway said.

Galloway says until someone advocates that a brain injury victim can still hold a job, he’ll keep riding. He’s part of a few groups on the internet with other victims and tells them to never give up.

“They’re like, they feel like they don’t know how to adjust to their life because getting up, getting the motivation that you got to get dressed. You’ve got your basic needs, and every day when I get up, you got to get on the bike. You’ve got to get going,” Galloway said.