Man learns sentence for sixth OVI and accident

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Andrew Lamparty- aggravated vehicular assault and a repeat offender OVI specification.

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – In five prior driving under the influence convictions, the most time Andrew Lamparty ever served was 15 days in jail.

That changed on Monday when he was sentenced to six years in prison by Judge R. Scott Krichbaum in Mahoning County Common Pleas Court for OVI, aggravated vehicular assault and a repeat offender OVI specification.

The sentence was two years over a proposed sentence attorneys in the case agreed on when Lamparty pleaded guilty to the charges on Aug. 24.

Judge Krichbaum said he was perplexed how someone can have that many drunken driving offenses and never spend any significant time behind bars.

“In my mind, it was necessary to do this a long time ago with this guy,” Judge Krichbaum said.
“How these things keep getting reduced or amended or soft soaped, I don’t know.”

“I look at his record and it makes me want to puke,” Judge Krichbaum added.

Lamparty, 45, of Austintown, was charged with an April 9 crash at Mahoning Avenue and Idaho Road in Austintown where a man suffered a broken leg and a foot injury.

He has previous drunken driving convictions in 2001, 2004, 2006, 2009 and 2020, all in Austintown. His current case is the first time he has ever been charged with a felony.

Attorney John Shultz, who was representing Lamparty, said his client’s alcohol problem is so severe that he was checked into a hospital last year with life-threatening complications because of his drinking. Shultz said Lamparty has never received or been ordered to undergo any treatment for his drinking.

From the bench, Judge Krichbaum reviewed past sentences and he said it appeared that none of those sentences mandated any kind of treatment. Judge Krichbaum did make that part of his sentencing order but he also stressed that as an adult there was no excuse for Lamparty continuing to drink and drive.

He said there was not much difference between putting a bullet in a gun and shooting the victim then getting into a car drunk and driving.

Lamparty apologized and said he felt bad for the person who was injured and thinks of him often.

“It was 100 percent my fault,” Lamparty said. “Nobody did anything but me.”

Lamparty said he never wanted to hurt anyone or thought he would hurt anyone and Judge Krichbaum responded that the reason Lamparty kept drinking and driving was because he never seriously hurt anyone and he was never severely punished when he was caught.

Although he ordered treatment, Judge Krichbaum said prison time alone should be the cure for his alcoholism because it is so miserable, a person would not want to do what put him there in the first place.

“Putting you in prison should cure you,” Judge Krichbaum said. “It’s the worst place on earth.”

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