Police say a man was punched after parking his truck in several spots — then he shot the man who punched him.

Nicholas Italiano, 24, of Struthers, was charged with felonious assault.

Police say they went to investigate a felonious assault at the Sami Quick Stop on Market Street around 8:45 on Saturday night.

Police say Italiano had an argument with the woman parking next to him and used racial slurs. He then blocked the woman in at the parking lot. She then called her fiance because she was scared.

Officers say when the fiance came, a physical fight started. When Italiano was punched in the face he pulled out a handgun while the man was running away.

The department says after shooting the gun at least one time, and striking him once, Italiano drove off.

Officers say he admitted to shooting in self-defense. 

After seeing the video, police arrested Italiano for felonious assault. He is currently being held in Mahoning County Jail. 

He has an active CCW.

The man who was shot is in stable condition.