YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — A man who was charged in federal court with having bullets despite a prior felony conviction was sentenced this week to almost four years in prison.

Ivan Lipscomb Jr., 29, of Rush Circle, was sentenced Wednesday in the U.S. Northern District Court Of Ohio to 46 months in prison by U.S. Judge John R. Adams.

Lipscomb pleaded guilty Jan. 4 to one count of being a felon in possession of ammunition. Lipscomb has a 2017 drug trafficking conviction in Mahoning County Common Pleas Court which prohibits him from having a gun or ammunition.

The indictment in the case said Lipscomb is accused of having eight rounds of 9mm ammunition and 22 rounds of .22-caliber ammunition March 20, 2021.

The indictment gives no details on the circumstances surrounding how law enforcement came to know Lipscomb had the ammunition on that particular date. An affidavit in the case was not provided in court records.

A sentencing memorandum by Lipscomb’s attorney, Leif Christian, said his client came from a stable home life but he began abusing drugs at the age of 11 when he started smoking marijuana.

Additionally, Lipscomb is the father of two and completed two years of college at the University of Akron and he has also accepted responsibility for his actions, the memorandum said.

In a sentencing memorandum for the government, Assistant U.S. Attorney Yasmine Makridis asked Judge Adams to take into consideration that Lipscomb has past offenses for selling drugs. She said there is no reason to explain his conduct.

“Lipscomb’s background contains no reasonable explanation for his decision to engage in
criminal conduct,” Makridis wrote. “Lipscomb grew up in a middle-class household free of violence, drugs, and alcohol. He has no mental health conditions and suffered no abuse. Lipscomb does not report a
substance abuse issue and is not requesting treatment. He was employed fixing cars and earned a
reasonable living.”