YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — Bond was set at $165,000 for a man accused of wounding three people early Sunday morning at a South Side bar.

A preliminary hearing will be held next week for Machai Cheatham, 21, of Youngstown, who was arraigned Monday in municipal court before Judge Renee Disalvo on three counts of felonious assault and a single count of inducing panic.

He is accused of shooting three people about 2:10 a.m. inside the King’s Court, formerly known as the Coconut Grove, 3229 South Ave.

A city police officer who was working security wrote in a report that he saw several people run outside and several of them said there was a shooting inside the bar.

WKBN obtained recordings of the 911 calls that flooded in.

Witnesses said a fight broke out inside the bar when shots were fired. Several called, saying a man was lying on the floor, shot in the chest.

Caller: “Someone was shot inside the bar.”
Dispatcher: “Are you with the person that was shot?”

Caller: “No.”
Dispatcher: “Did you see anything?”
Caller: “No. He’s laid out on the floor so you might need to get an ambulance over here, like, now.”

Police: “We got somebody shot.”
Police: “All cars not on something, go to King’s Court.”
Police: “We got one shot inside the bar, inside King’s Court.”

The officer saw Cheatham run outside holding a gun and told him to drop it, which he did, reports said. The owner of the bar helped officers catch Cheatham, who was then taken into custody.

A news release from police confirmed that the shooting stemmed from a fight. Of the three people who were wounded, police said one is in critical condition, one serious and one is stable.

According to police, none of the victims were armed.

Last month, a different police officer working off-duty security at the bar arrested a man who pointed a loaded AR-15 semiautomatic rifle at a man in the parking lot. The man put the rifle down after being ordered to at gunpoint. In March 2021, a man was killed in the parking lot of the bar just yards away from where a man was killed in November 2020 after he got in a fight inside the bar.