Major repairs to Lisbon pool underway

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LISBON, Ohio (WKBN) – The Lisbon pool has been ripped apart and it almost looks like there’s a moat around it as part of the construction that will fix the pool.

“Yesterday, they moved all the clay out from all the walls and all that’s gone. So all they need to do is build walls,” said Parks Committee chairperson Linda Donnalley.

The walls were one of the big issues with the pool. Before construction they were only 3 inches thick, which wasn’t enough – they plan on adding an extra 19 inches to it.

“The wall is gone, in a lot of places. The wall is just completely gone. There’s sections where there is no wall. You can see where the water has seeped through, all the clay down below is all wet,” Donnalley said.

Another issue was leaks through the pool. Donnalley said they found three major leaks and three smaller ones.

It caused between 20-30,000 gallons of water to be lost a day.

“They knew there had to be some. They had hope there will be some for the amount of water they were losing. But I think we’re all surprised there were that many, especially three major ones,” Donnalley said.

“On that side, that was 12 foot deep, when they found it. So that was a major leak. Then there’s several here,” said Mayor Pete Wilson.

The leaks have been capped off with cement. Lisbon has tried to fix the pool in the past, but not to this magnitude.

They’re on track to keep the cost under $50,000. The plan is for the project to be completed by late fall, but workers will still have to come back in the spring.

“Even if they do get done, on the inside what they want to get done, they still have to go over it again in the spring, just to double coat it,” Donnalley said.

Mayor Wilson said a survey went out to a village residents asking them if they wanted the pool project and out of more than 200 surveys returned, two-thirds said yes.

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