Mail delays impacting medical supply delivery for Canfield man

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The 2020 Holiday Season was a record for the United States Postal Service

Update: Rick Dudek’s medical supplies finally arrived on Friday.

CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – The mail system is still having some issues following major delays over the holidays. The 2020 Holiday Season was a record for the United States Postal Service, with more than a billion packages delivered.

Many have already reported bills coming late, and now a man from Canfield is waiting on some much-needed medication.

Rick Dudek walked to his mailbox Thursday hoping to see a box with lancets and test strips, but it didn’t come.

Dudek tests his blood sugar level twice a day. He ordered a batch of supplies to help him do that on December 9. Over 40 days later, he’s still waiting.

“The last I was told my package is in Grove City, Ohio and that was Dec. 10. After that, nobody knows nothing,” Dudek said.

Dudek has called every toll-free number possible. Nobody can tell him where the package is now or if it’s lost or just delayed. He doesn’t want to just ask for another batch of the medical equipment.

“If I reorder the supplies, that means the insurance company or my medical people are going to get double charged, and they are going to want to know why I had two orders,” Dudek said.

The Postal Service has been saying it had a record number of packages during the holiday season.
First News has shown and told you about mail stacked in Cleveland.

The Postal Service continues to face challenges. More resources have been allocated to move the mail along including expanded processing procedures, extra transportation, extra delivery and collection trips, and overtime to process and deliver the mail. according to USPS officials.

USPS representatives issued a statement Thursday about how the mail moves:

It’s important for your viewers to know that every piece of equipment and every truck is being used every single day. Mail moves into the facility and out of the facility daily. In these unprecedented times, and a year with significant volume increases, we continue to flex our available resources to meet the demand within a finite number of resources available to us. We echo the thanks of so many of our customers who are saluting our dedicated employees who proudly carried out their duties to the American public. They are to be recognized for their service during the pandemic, an intense election season, and now this past record-setting Peak Season.

Naddia Dhalai, USPS strategic communication specialist

“I think somebody is not doing their job or not coming close to doing their jobs,” Dudek said. “I can see a delay, maybe two weeks or something like that, but not 40 days, over 40 days.”

Dudek lives in the same neighborhood where First News reported on another mail problem.
Right up the street, a person had gotten a package from China that they didn’t order, and Dudek says the person across the street missed an insurance payment and nearly had the policy canceled.

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