YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Each year, the Mahoning Valley Historical Society gives preservation awards, and Tuesday night, those awards were given out in downtown Youngstown.

“They were chosen because they embody all the basic tenants of preservation and restoration. They used the original materials, and they honored the original structure as much as possible,” said Norma Stefanik, one of the judges at the event.

There were three different categories: Community Revitalization award, Commercial Revitalization award and Board of Directors’ Award of Achievement.

The winners are:

  • The Monastery, renovated and preserved by YNDC
  • Eastern Gateway Community College
  • ISLE World Headquarters
  • Joseph Pedaline, who stabilized homes on the Northside and is known for painting homes in non-traditional colors
  • Mahoning County Courthouse Exterior

County Commissioner Carol Rimedio Righetti accepted the award for the court house.

“It meant a lot to get this third award. I mean, if you have not been in the courthouse, you actually need to go in and see the most beautiful courthouse,” said Righetti.

Many of the buildings in the area were built over 100 years ago, and they’re still being used on a daily basis.

“If you look at all the awards that were given tonight, the buildings were established and built in the early 1900s. Think about it, and they’re still structurally sound,” Righetti said.

Starting Tuesday, July 6, both Tyler History Center and Arms Family Museum will reopen to it’s members and the general public.