YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Mahoning County’s new prosecutor Gina DeGenova has named the members of her executive team.

DeGenova, the first female prosecutor to hold the position, was elected to the position in January. She took the place of former prosecutor Paul Gains, who retired in November.

Her team members are as follows:

  • Linette Stratford – Chief assistant and chief of the Civil Division
    Stratford administers the fiscal and operational side of the office. Stratford will also manage the civil division and implement measures to ensure that the division runs effectively and efficiently and that all statutory clients are well represented.
  • Karen Gaglione – Assistant chief of the Civil Division
    Along with Stratford, Gaglione will also manage the civil division and ensure that statutory clients are well represented.
  • Robert Andrews – Chief of the Criminal Division
    Andrews will oversee the felony side of the criminal division, as well as mentor and co-counsel with his fellow assistant prosecutors in all five felony division courts. In addition, Andrews will also spearhead training for assistant prosecutors and law enforcement.
  • Ralph Rivera – Chief of the Criminal Division
    Rivera will manage juvenile court, county courts, criminal appeals and post-conviction, including parole. He will also administer office policies regarding all aspects of the criminal division and implement measures to ensure that the division runs effectively and efficiently.
  • Michael Yacovone – Grand Jury prosecutor
    Yacovone will continue in his role of reviewing all cases that are bound over from the county and municipal courts and all direct presentments. He will also work with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to prepare cases for presentation to the Grand Jury.
  • Nicholas Modarelli – Law enforcement coordinator
    Modarelli will continue his role to serve as the liaison with all law enforcement agencies that work with the Prosecutor’s Office. He will also work with the lawyers in the office and the law enforcement community to develop training opportunities.
  • Lori Shells-Simmons – Senior attorney
    Shells-Simmons will continue her role to administer and mentor our team of assistant prosecutors who work with the Mahoning County Children’s Services Board and Juvenile Court to protect abused, neglected and dependent children.
  • Diane Stokes – Executive administrator
    Stokes will continue her existing paralegal duties working directly with DeGenova and add managing on/off-boarding of personnel, staff performance and benefits, the development of the annual report, and budgeting and will oversee all communications received through the the office website.
  • Alan Rodges – Director of communications and community outreach
    Rodges will oversee and manage all outward communications from the office. Rodges will also coordinate community outreach and, alongside DeGenova, will launch multiple initiatives in 2023. In addition, Rodges and Victim Witness Coordinator Isabella Caruso will work collaboratively to expand grant opportunities.

“We have an amazing team of lawyers and staff who are committed to serve this community, and I am honored to work alongside each of them,” said DeGenova.