(WKBN) — With Cuyahoga County bringing mask mandates back into government buildings, we reached out to Mahoning County Public Health.

Health Commissioner Ryan Tekac said most new cases are mild.

Consultations with hospital systems and commissioners would happen if restrictions are proposed.

Some big events and conferences are now adjusting to the rising COVID-19 cases.

Tekac said it’s a personal responsibility to protect ourselves in those instances.

“Those who are sick should get tested and then isolate from others. So those are some of the measures that we really should be taking, especially if you’re not feeling well to isolate yourself from others and to not go to these types of events or go out in the public to curb the spread of the virus,” said Tekac.

Tekac said cases have fluctuated since the pandemic began. He also said it’s hard to judge how many positive cases exist due to at-home tests not being reported.

According to the CDC, Mahoning, Trumbull, and Mercer counties have a high community level for COVID-19, while Columbiana County has a medium community level.