Mahoning County HAZMAT team trains on new devices

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The new device will help them identify dangerous chemicals quicker and in a safer manner

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Mahoning County HAZMAT team trained on a new device Saturday at their facility in Youngstown.

This new high tech meter is called Rigaku ResQ CQL.

It will help them identify dangerous chemicals quicker and in a safer manner.

“This meter is able to give us unknown liquids and solids. So, when we get a call for an incident and they don’t know what it is, we’ll come out with this meter and it should be able to identify liquids and solids,” said Chief Stephen Szekely of the Mahoning County HAZMAT team.

It is a very quick process for the meter to detect chemicals.

“A specific laser light and hits the molecules and it causes the molecules to vibrate. Then, the vibrations are sent back to the meters and it compares it to a library of different chemicals,” Chief Szekely said.

There are over 20,000 different chemicals in the library, including illegal drugs and explosives.

Chief Szekely says even though the HAZMAT team still has to obtain samples for the new device, it’s a lot safer than what they used before.

“On our HAZMAT kit, we have to run it through a series of tests, which you’re dealing with the chemical longer and you’re more exposed to the chemical. Where this is going to be more safer,” said Chief Szekely.

The HAZMAT team is expected to put these devices to use as soon as possible.

They will refresh their training again in six months.

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