(WKBN) – A Mahoning County maintenance worker, who was fired and then rehired earlier this month, has filed a lawsuit in Youngstown Federal Court claiming his First Amendment rights were violated.

The worker is Ricky Morrison, who is represented by Cleveland-based lawyer Subodh Chandra.

In a news release, Chandra’s law firm states that the lawsuit was filed against the Mahoning County commissioners, administrator Audry Tillis and acting prosecuting Atty. Gina DeGenova.

The lawsuit alleges 11 claims, with DeGenova facing the most.

The lawsuit claims Morrison, who has cancer, was fired shortly after he attended a Board of Elections meeting with Geno DeFabio, who ran against and lost to Carol Rimedio-Righetti.

The lawsuit claims a meeting, which violated Ohio’s Open Meetings Act, was held to discuss Morrison’s firing, at which commissioner Anthony Traficanti disagreed with the firing and Rimedio-Righetti and Dave Ditzler voted to fire him. DeGenova later reinstated him.

Traficanti was not charged with any First Amendment violations.

In a statement Monday evening, DeGenova wrote, “I categorically deny each allegation of wrongdoing made against me. I have served this community with distinction for 17 years… There has been no wrongdoing by this prosecutor as relates to these allegations.”

Traficanti said he opposed the firing, Rimedio-Righetti had no comment and we have not heard back from Ditzler.