Mahoning County deputy dog warden discusses ‘life or death’ stabbing encounter

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(WKBN) – On Wednesday, Mahoning County Deputy Dog Warden Dave Nelson talked about his scary encounter with a man he says tried to take his life.

“When he yanked it out, he put it in a way he was coming back for the slice, to go in for like my throat. I said we gotta, I have to end this, I gotta stop this,” Nelson said.

The deputy dog warden is now at home recovering from his injuries after being attacked on Tuesday in Youngstown.

He was quick to thank every person he believes played a role in saving his life. Even Youngstown Mayor Tito Brown went over to wish him well.

Nelson is bandaged up. He has two holes in his wrist and shoulder, plus five stitches.

He remembers asking the man if he needed water for his dog, then he said that person jumped out of his wheelchair and onto his van.

“He grabbed on with one hand and had the other hand as he started stabbing. He was coming in the window,” Nelson said.

Nelson had been slashed. He was still wearing his seat belt and sitting in the dog warden van. He went into a defensive mode.

“What do I have to do right now to eliminate this threat?” Nelson thought.

Nelson fought back. Then the man jumped off as a police cruiser showed up, which was a key moment.

Nelson believes the man was out to kill him.

“I thought for sure ‘this is it’ when I started passing out from the loss of blood. I thought, ‘Man, I’m dying on Myrtle and Oak Hill,'” Nelson said.

The officer took the man into custody and Nelson asked him to also call an ambulance and step on it.

Nelson thinks the man was afraid that he might check his dog to see if he really owned it.

“Come on dude, like, really? It didn’t need to go this far. When he was on the ground, he looked over and said, ‘I hope you bleed out and freaking die,'” Nelson said.

That didn’t happen. Nelson survived and aside from the bandages, has a bruised hand from hitting the man in the face.

“Just scary. But you don’t know. It was 2.5 seconds is the time that this elapsed,” Nelson said.

Nelson knew the man and said he actually saved him a year ago when a dog had turned on him in a home.

As for the man accused in the stabbing, 60-year-old Squire Glenn appeared in Youngstown Municipal Court on Wednesday. He did not say much during the hearing.

Glenn was charged with felonious assault and his bond was set at $25,000.

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