Mahoning County engineers are warning drivers to be cautious as the weather transitions from extreme cold to much warmer temperatures.

Although conditions are not as harsh as the big storms in 2012 or 2013, engineer Patrick Ginnetti wants to make sure drivers are prepared for changes to the roads.

“The extreme cold switching to almost 50 degrees in a couple of days is going to wreak havoc on the pavement,” Ginnetti says.

Ginnetti says all frozen road surfaces will be in danger of cracking.

“Road surface is going to start to crumble. Anywhere there are weak spots or cracks, existing potholes, things like that, they’re going to grow.”

Due to the air temperature, using the normal hot mix to fix potholes is not an option. Rather, they will be using a cold mix.

“Most of what we do in the winter is a Band-Aid. We’re putting the cold mix in just to make roads passable,” Ginnetti says.

Ginnetti encourages drivers to keep an eye out for large potholes forming over the next few days. He also says to stay away from ponding water on the roads because there is no way to tell how deep it is.

“If you can, slow it down a little bit to try to reduce the impact. It keeps everyone safe. Please don’t text and drive.”

He says they will likely return in some areas that they have already been to. Once spring comes around, they will be using the hot mix to fix larger potholes.

If you see large potholes, contact your county engineers’ office. For Mahoning County, call 330-799-1581. For Trumbull County, call 330-765-2640. For Columbiana County, call 330-424-1740.