Mahoning Co. detective warns social media users to be smart with their money

Local News

You may have seen it making the rounds every Christmas, a Facebook message looking for women to join a “gift exchange” or “secret sister” program.

Police across the country are saying these posts could be a scam.

The posts promise women they’ll get 30 or more free gifts if they send just one present to a name at the top of a list.

But, the posts are actually setting up a pyramid scam.

Women at the top of the list receive lots of free items while many women at the bottom of the list never receive anything at all.

“Always be cautious on where you are sending the money. If there is a fundraiser of some sort, be careful where that money goes and where it’s actually going to because we find out a lot of the times after the fact that people were scammed,” said Det. Anthony Murphy, Mahoning County Sheriff’s Office.

Murphy says if it seems too good to be true it probably is.

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