LOWELLVILLE, OHIO (WKBN) – A presentation was held at Lowellville Local Schools Wednesday for a permanent improvement levy.

The levy would replace the current one that expires this year.

“This will not have an expiration. It will be a continuous levy and it will generate the same amount of money from here ’till the days are over,” said Dr. Geno Thomas, superintendent of Lowellville Local Schools.

Thomas says this levy would be .2 mils less than the previous one, so residents would not see an increase in what they pay. He says it would help the schools with different things.

“Those monies that will be generated for the facilities can only be used toward roofing, new windows, the football fields, track, any items that have a life span of five years or longer. It’s not gonna be used for salaries or benefits of personal or those types of things,” Thomas said.

The levy will be placed on the ballot to be voted on this November 2. Anyone who missed Wednesday’s presentation but wants to know more about the levy, can head over to the Lowellville School District website.