LIBERTY, Ohio (WKBN) – Amerah Green was just 19 years old when she was shot and killed in a home in Campbell. Now, her family and friends are gathering to remember her and to call for an end to the violence.

“We love her to death. You know, she got all these people out here for this turnout. We just wish that we didn’t have to be here for this,” said Maurice Ross, a family member of Green.

Green was a cheerleader at East High School before graduating in 2020, but her biggest joy was her daughter — the one who will now have to grow up without her. 

“Being that her daughter is just about to turn two, she actually just sent us out the fliers for her birthday party last week. So, we have to keep her alive, keep it going for her,” Ross said. 

Ross said Green was over a friend’s house when she was shot, along with another woman in the home. He said she was already in the midst of recovering from a previous shooting, just two weeks prior.

“She was actually shot Mother’s Day morning as well. You know, and her just getting back on her feet and everything,” Ross said. 

Ross said it’s time to put the guns down and realize the impact the violence is having on everyone.

“The violence just needs to stop. That’s what’s killing this city,” Ross said. 

Even Green’s friends said enough is enough.

“It’s just a repeated cycle that needs to stop,” said Andrea Williams, Green’s friend.

“It’s innocent lives being took, that’s just senseless. And they don’t care if it’s getting took away from their kids, your mother getting took away from you, they don’t care, like who around you, nothing,” Janiya Merriwether, another one of Green’s friends. 

Tuesday evening, Green’s loved ones gathered at her job for a candlelight vigil. They shared memories, hugged each other and released balloons in her memory.

“She was just really a loving person. Every time she was around somebody she was the life of the party, basically. She seen the bad in everybody but she overlooked it,” Merriwether said.

Police are still investigating Green’s death and no arrests have been made as of yet. Her family and friends said she will be remembered by all of those who loved her.