YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) — A Valley man has recently been named the winner of the dating reality series “Love Island,” but he hasn’t forgotten his hometown.

Marco Donatelli recently got back from Fiji, where he spent six weeks filming the show. That’s where he met his girlfriend, Hannah Wright, with the couple winning $100,000.

Even through his newfound fame and successes, Donatelli said he hasn’t forgotten where he’s from.

“Being a guy that found success where not many people have in entertainment — I find that truly an honor to be able to be welcomed back to my hometown,” Donatelli said. “Every time I was able to bring it up, I brought up where I was from. I was proud of it.”

Donatelli and Wright spent some time in California and Florida with their families, with plans to come to Youngstown next week.

As a former Girard football player, Donatelli said he plans on donating some of his winnings to the team while he’s visiting.

As for the future, Donatelli said he would like to graduate college — a goal his whole life, and a promise he made to his mother.