SHARON, Pa. (WKBN) — A dozen properties in Sharon are getting another chance to be successful. The Lots to Love program helps them go from overgrown and underutilized to helping improve the quality of life.

Grace Keck of Sharon proudly showed off the deed to her new property. It’s the empty lot next to her house, which she had been keeping clean but now she controls.

“Because now we can let the kids play over there safely and not have to worry that we’re gonna get trouble for being there because we own it now,” said Keck.

This was the inaugural deed transfer in the Lots to Love program. 12 properties have new owners. Most of them are lots adjacent to where someone lives already. The new owners have responsibility.

“Well, the responsibility is to maintain the property. You know, these properties add additional value to what they already own,” said Wilma Torres with Community Action Partnership of Mercer County.

The homeowners benefit with more property size and value. The city gets the property back on the tax roll.

“Our expectations at this point are that they are well maintained. They bolt on well to a house that the property can be enjoyed,” said Sharon City Manager Bob Fiscus.

The Community Garden is part of the Adopt a Lot program in Lots to Love. The Community Food Warehouse grows vegetables there which it passes out. People can also sponsor a lot.

Keck has acquired the side lot next to her. She may add a swing set for the kids and a garden for herself. She’s even dreaming bigger.

“Well eventually it’d be nice I could do a small business I want to do to tax office eventually but to be in there or part of my house. I’m not sure yet because I want to be able to do taxes for my home,” said Keck.

Lots to Love expects to have 184 properties by year’s end. It’s already had applications for more potential deed transfers.