LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Ultium Cells in Lordstown is working with the Ohio EPA to get some of its emissions in compliance with Ohio law.

Emissions testing on June 21, 2023, of stacks at the plant showed that “the required control efficiency of the activated carbon tower was not being achieved.”

Subsequent testing on July 13 showed that a rented combustion unit was helping to achieve 74% emission efficiency, according to the Ohio EPA, but it is supposed to be at least 98%, and a long-term plan had not yet been established.

In a letter sent to the plant director dated Aug. 24, the Ohio EPA ordered Ultium to “promptly undertake the necessary measures to return to compliance with Ohio’s environmental laws and regulations.” Ultium has 14 days, or until Sept. 7, to file a corrective plan with the Ohio EPA.

The plan must include what actions will be taken to resolve the violations, documents of steps taken to include correspondence, updated policies and photographs.

For now, Ultium can continue to use the rental combustion unit until they can get a long-term solution.

Ultium released the following statement on the matter:

“Ultium Cells received a Notice of Violation from the Ohio EPA related to emission testing and the control efficiency of the activated carbon tower for the formation degas process. The facility will provide a timely response with a corrective action plan to address the NOV and is continuing to coordinate with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency on this matter. The safety and wellbeing of our team members is our top priority at Ultium Cells, there is no public or employee safety concern related to this Notice of Violation.”