Lordstown Motors reveals chassis of Endurance pickup truck

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The treat in the latest Lordstown Motors video was a full view of the alpha chassis

LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Over the past several months, Lordstown Motors released short video updates on the progress of its new all-electric Endurance pick up. Late last week another video was released.

In this latest video, CEO Steve Burns begins with, “Hi I’m Steve Burns. I’m CEO of Lordstown Motors, and we’ve got a treat for you.”

The treat in the latest Lordstown Motors video was a full view of the alpha chassis of what will be the all-electric Endurance pickup truck.

With techno music in the background, the video then showed Burns driving the alpha chassis on the test track at the Lordstown plant, over bumps and potholes filled with water and along a snow-filled path. The purpose — to test durability — and to better explain how it’s built.

“We’re still having a hard time getting people to envision what a hub motor is. It’s so different. So, here naked as we say, without a body on it, you could see it all,” Burns said.

It was late June that Vice President Mike Pence showed up to help unveil the prototype Endurance, which is today traveling the country as a sales tool.

Two weeks later, we saw the robotics at work inside what was the General Motors Lordstown plant. So where is Lordstown Motors today?

“We are over 300 employees, now, plus 150 contractors. Most of those 150 contractors are in here banging on the factory,” Burns said. “Stamped our first parts the other day. We’re starting to make fenders and that sort of thing.”

Production of the Endurance is expected to begin in September. By that point, Burns expects to employ 1, 500 people — alot of them from out of state.

“I thought that would be a major bump is getting people to move to Lordstown, Ohio. We’re getting people from all over the country coming here. It’s happening,” Burns said.

The state of Ohio Monday approved $20 million in tax credits to Lordstown Motors through the Ohio Tax Credit Authority. The credits are based on the company doing as promised, such as creating 1,570 full-time jobs and $91 million in annual payroll.

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