LORDSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Lordstown Motors’ electric pickup truck, Endurance, competed in the SCORE International San Felipe 250 desert race Saturday but came up short in the end.

The Endurance was unable to cross the finish line in Baja California, Mexico.

Representatives from Lordstown said they learned a lot about the vehicle’s strengths and weaknesses in a statement released Saturday.

“We did not cross the finish line, but we are proud of the work and partners put in to make entering this race possible,” Lordstown Motors posted on Twitter.

The Endurance was one of two cars competing in the electric class.

Neither vehicle finished the challenging desert race, as a third of all participants were originally projected not to finish.

Driver Matthew Blanchard sat behind the wheel of the Endurance, which had to stop to recharge during the race.

Lordstown Motors entered the race for testing purposes, but haven’t released specific details yet.

The company said the race in Mexico “has provided us with valuable insights into how the Endurance’s technology performed and responded to the demanding and treacherous conditions.”

They also released this statement:

The lessons learned in the desert will become part of the Endurance’s DNA, and help us to meet the rigorous performance expectations and requirements of our customers.

Lordstown Motors Officials