NILES, Ohio (WKBN) – When Jane Kleese’s two children got home from school on January 23, 2002, they would walk in to find something that would change their lives forever.

Their mother, lying at the bottom of the basement steps. She was dead.

“So, the person who killed her allowed that to happen, and he knew it was going to happen,” said Thomas Woodward, Jane’s brother.

Initially, police believed it to be an accident. But two months later, the coroner’s ruling would shock their family core. Jane was murdered.

“The police gathered us all at my mother’s apartment. They even had an ambulance sitting outside just in case somebody had a heart attack or fainted. You know, they’re dropping this bomb on us,” Woodward said.

Jane died by asphyxiation.

Her family believes they know who did it and that others do too. They’re hoping someone will finally come forward and help bring her justice.

“Think of Jane and what she’s missed out on in life. She didn’t see her kids raised. Her daughter was 11, her son was 16. She didn’t see them graduate, didn’t see them get married. They both have children and she could be a grandmother now,” said Cheryl Boore, Jane’s sister.

The family has been looking for answers for years, even posting a billboard at one point asking, “Do you know who killed me?” hoping someone will see it and feel compelled to do the right thing.

“They could be preventing another murder… And just for the sake of justice and for what is right… And you know I think that your pillow would be just a little softer at night if you did that. I think you’d have a big sense of relief in your life,” Woodward said.

Sunday is the 20 year anniversary of Jane’s murder. Still, no arrests have been made. Officials say although they have leads, they want to be sure they have evidence enough to make a conviction.

“We don’t stop investigating. So, anything that could come up would certainly reactivate that investigation, and sometimes things are like that. People that have information that either didn’t realize they had information or for whatever reason didn’t volunteer that information at the time it’s possible that those little bits can come forward years after the fact,” said Capt. John Marshall.

In the meantime, the family won’t rest until justice is served.

“I know 20 years have transpired, but the pain never leaves and the intense desire to see the person that killed my sister brought to justice,” Woodward said.

Anyone who may have any information in the death of Jane Kleese can call the Niles Police Detective’s Office at 330-652-9944.