Longtime resident never thought she’d see the brick road paved over in Youngstown

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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Every year, Youngstown spends around $1.4 million resurfacing roads around the city. They have a priority list of the worst streets.

School Street is now crossed off that list after the city paved over the brick.

One lifelong resident of School Street says she has grown up with the bricks and has seen them all her life. She says she never thought she would live to see the day the road was paved.

School Street is in an area of Youngstown known as an impact zone.

“Administration put together with city council basically to ask each council person what area of their ward needed the most attention,” said Julius Oliver, 3rd ward councilmember.

One of those areas is DTH, known by locals as Down the Hill.

“This area of the south side is one of those forgotten about areas,” Oliver said,

“It was a brick street my whole life. We were never able to skate,” said Trina Williams, who grew up on School Street.

As a child, she says it was dangerous for them to play on their street not because of traffic but the condition of the road.

“We would play ball and stuff like that, but with skating, we had to be really careful riding our bikes,” Williams said.

Over the years, she says it only got worse.

“It was tearing up our cars. We needed front end alignments often. It used to be ditches and holes, and the street was sinking,” Williams said.

Directly adjacent to School Street, the road looks similar to what the street looked like before it was paved. Some of the damage was man-made.

“Say there’s a sewer break or a water main break or some reason the utility company has to cut into them. They don’t necessarily replace them with brick. Sometimes they’ll just pour concrete right up to the top,” said Chuck Shasho of Youngstown Public Works.

Neighbors in the neighborhood are glad to see the bumpy brick go in exchange for a smooth asphalt finish.

“It’s wonderful now because kids will be able to skateboard, ride their skates, ride their bikes without having to worry about the bumps or falling,” Williams said.

Youngstown Public Works says they still have many other projects in the works for this season, but they will be wrapping it up due to cold temperatures around November.

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