CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – For a third straight day, the sound of chainsaws fills the air around the Valley as crews work to clear away the mess Saturday’s violent weather left behind.

Darren Garlough and his family operate one of a number of tree services that have been swamped since early Saturday morning when the first of two rounds of rain and wind rolled through the area. It knocked a heavy limb onto the porch of a historic home on Broad Street in Canfield.

Anne Marie Houk, 90, was in bed Saturday when she heard a loud crash but couldn’t see what had hit her 186-year-old home.

“I got dressed and I went out and I saw what happened I called 9-1-1,” Houk said.

While help arrived quickly, she was glad to see the damage was confined to the front porch.

“I’m so thankful to God that it didn’t come into the house; no hole in the roof,” she said.

The owner of a house in Poland wasn’t so lucky. The full weight of a neighbor’s tree smashed through the front corner of the home Saturday. Fortunately, no one there at the time was hurt.

On E. Montrose Street in Liberty Township, a tree fell and knocked out power to the area. One couple had wires blocking their driveway and had to drive through the yard to leave.

Because they had no power, their house hit 50 degrees, and they lost all food in the refrigerator.

They said FirstEnergy told them that it could be as late as Wednesday before their power returns.

“We had to take stuff out of the freezer because that only lasts for so long. What are you to do when it’s like this? I mean, we’re freezing. We can’t wait to get out of here,” said Janis Thompson.

The Thompsons also said they’re worried about their neighbors. They say many are older and some have health conditions.

According to FirstEnergy, crews are working across the Valley to restore power as quickly as possible.