YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Not everyone in the Valley was happy to see former President Donald Trump. Protesters assembled, holding signs, in downtown Youngstown on Saturday afternoon.

Earlier today, police said protesters were not allowed to be at the Covelli Centre. But a group of about a dozen protesters set up in front of the Federal Courthouse.

The group said they’d like to see the country headed in a different directions, and they’re still unhappy about the former president’s 2018 visit to the area, when he addressed the GM plant’s closing.

Julie Stout, member of Ohio Poor People’s Campaign, says Trump broke his promise.

“The last time he was here, he broke his promise. He said that he would keep Lordstown open – that the people wouldn’t have to worry about losing their job. And look what happened,” says Stout.

Stout helped to organize the Saturday protest outside the courthouse. She volunteers with several activist organizations.

“He’s a fascist and he needs to go,” she said.

Chuckie Denison worked at GM Lordstown for 10 years before it closed.

“Trump came and told us do not sell our homes [because] the jobs are coming back,” said Denison.

He says he wanted Trump to do more to keep those jobs in Ohio.

“He could have signed an executive order because GM is a federal contractor. He could have with the swipe of a pen saved the plant, but didn’t lift a finger,” said Denison.

“He’s keeping himself relevant to keep from being prosecuted,” says Mike Heeter, member of the Mahoning Valley Democratic Socialists of America. “Nobody is above the law. Everybody needs to be held accountable for their crimes – even the guys on the blue side of the aisle.”

The protestors started to dwindle as 7 p.m. approached, the time when Trump was scheduled to take the stage. A few even went inside the venue with their protest signs. They were kicked out upon bringing out their signs when Trump started speaking about saving American factory jobs.