YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – As Hurricane Ian was heading toward a landfall near Fort Myers, Florida, Jenna O’Hara of Hubbard and her mother realized it was no longer safe to wait out the storm at the family’s condo in Cape Coral.

Jenna is a student at Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers. She spoke with WKBN 27 First News after she arrived at a hotel about 15 miles inland, and the rains had been falling for hours.

“We have about nine feet before the water will start to really impact our condo there, and now I think they’re saying the surge is going up to 20 feet,” O’Hara said.

Terri Crogan and her husband Tom moved to Punta Gorda a number of years ago from Canfield. They made the two-and-a-half-hour drive to Fort Lauderdale Monday night before the mandatory evacuation orders went into effect. They’re not sure what the storm will do to their community.

“They are saying up to 18 feet tidal surge and that’s above ground. If that happens, most of the homes are going to be completely immersed in water,” Tom Crogan said.

“I think right now this is the safest place to be,” Terri Crogan added.

Although the couple has insurance to cover the storm and flood damage, the Crogans are apprehensive about the drive back home days from now.

“The getting back to the house to see what’s there and how much damage. That’s going to be the thing,” Tom Crogan said.

The Crogans and millions more can do little more than wait for Ian to pass.