It’s been almost 35 years since Idora Park was burned down by a fire.

Saturday night, locals gathered to remember the park at the Tyler Mahoning Valley History Center.

About 120 people, made of former employees, their families and fans, met to share food and stories of the park, which opened in 1899.

The Idora Park shut down after a fire and competition from surrounding parks put them out of business in 1984.

One woman found an old picture of herself going around the Scrapbooks. She was working at the Kiddie Park the year of the fire and remembers hearing about it.

“I was in high school, my mom picked me up saying that there was a fire at Idora Park. It was just a really sad day in history and I thought, ‘Am I going to have a job?'” said Cindy Zouck.

Of course, people shared some fond memories of the park, including Irene Rabiega-Tomory, who worked at the concession stands.

“I could pretty much work wherever I wanted and would stay there often after the park closed and I’m telling you, we had a great time,” she said.

Reminiscing wasn’t the only point of Saturday’s event, it was to also raise awareness about how they’re preserving the history of the park — through the Idora Experience, which opens again in October.