GIRARD, Ohio (WKBN) — As the Valley continues to clean up from this weekend’s storm, one local woman is now faced with fixing her roof, which also belongs to a pet shelter. The issue is, she can’t find a roofer able to fix it.

Veronica Caruso runs the Small World Animal Shelter in Girard. The structure is separated into two parts — a home and an attached building, which was formerly a flower shop.

On Saturday, Caruso, like many others, was impacted by the storm.

“All of this here was vibrating,” Caruso said. “I thought, ‘What am I going to do by myself?'”

She eventually called her friend to help her stabilize the plastic roof, but she noticed one spot collecting water.

“That whole section where the buildings meet, split — the plastic split, so that was an automatic nice drain for the rain,” Caruso said.

The first concern was for the cats inside.

They ended up finding a ladder to get to the roof.

“[The friend] said, ‘I’ll climb up,’ and I said, ‘You go first,'” Caruso said. “Ingenuity of women, right?”

They ended up putting a tarp over top of the hole and weighing it down, tying one part of the plastic roof down.

She rents the building, and her insurance only covers the cats. Now, Caruso is having issues finding someone who can come out to fix the roof due to it being made of plastic and not of shingles.

“They can’t even recommend anybody to me,” Caruso said.

But Caruso’s determination won’t stop there.

“We did this. This is good. I won’t tell you how old we both are,” Caruso said. “We were determined.”