(WKBN) – Airline delays and cancelations — they’re impacting people everywhere, including here in the Mahoning Valley.

We’ve been hearing about the problems with the airline industry for weeks — not enough pilots or air traffic controllers, and even impacts from bad weather.

One Austintown woman shares her travel troubles.

Maryann McFarland’s airline nightmare started last Friday as she was getting ready to fly home from Mississippi.

“I got a text message from Delta Friday afternoon saying that my flight has been canceled. No rhyme or reason,” she said.

She was supposed to fly from Jackson to Atlanta and then to Pittsburgh. After staying an extra night at a hotel, she went back to the Jackson airport.

“Right before we’re getting ready to board, a text alert says that your flight has been delayed due to mechanical problems,” she said.

After two more delays, McFarland arranged to land in Cleveland, only to get another delay message.

“Now I’m like, now I’m gonna miss my connecting flight to Cleveland,” she said.

After yet another night in a hotel, she finally got a flight out Monday morning. After landing in Atlanta, McFarland says she could tell the mood of the pilots.

“You could just see that they’re tired. You can tell that they’re overworked,” she said.

Throughout her ordeal, McFarland said she only heard from her airline once, when they sent her a $75 voucher for the very first delay she encountered last Saturday, but nothing since.

Checking with FlightAware.com, as of Thursday afternoon, there had been nearly 1,500 airline delays across the country and almost 400 cancellations. Pittsburgh International had 17 delays and Cleveland Hopkins had a dozen. Both airports had four flights canceled.

As the holiday weekend approaches, McFarland says she was given some advice by a flight attendant.

“If you don’t have to go and if you can get reimbursed, cancel your plans,” McFarland said.

And she thinks it’s only going to get worse.