YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – An 18-week-old puppy named Nala is back home with her owner Janice Budrevich and she said she couldn’t be happier.

“She’s home she’s where she belongs. Huh Nala?” said Budrevich.

The chihuahua fox terrier mix found her way back to Budrevich Monday morning.

“I’m so happy I don’t ever want to put her down,” said Budrevich.

Budrevich was overjoyed to have her puppy Nala in her arms once again.

“Oh my god I don’t even want to go to work I want to just hold her and not even leave her sight ever again I’m so happy you’re home,” said Budrevich.

Budrevich brought Nala to an appointment with her in Liberty Saturday morning.

Budrevich said she left her van running to keep Nala warm, but when she went out to the parking lot her van and puppy, along with her purse and other valuable belongings, were all gone.

“I was beating myself up so bad when they stole her cuz I was thinking to myself I shouldn’t have left the car running I should have took her in with me I don’t care if I got yelled at or not,” said Budrevich.

“We stress this time and time again to leave your vehicles locked, secured, no matter how cold how hot the weather is it is very important to do so whether it’s in a parking lot in a driveway for the sake that people steal cars pretty much everywhere,” said Officer Jim Marco of Liberty Township Police Department.

Budrevich said someone reached out to the woman she works for about finding a dog similar to Nala over the weekend.

Her fiance knew it was Nala after seeing a pink marking on her belly.

“I guess she went up to their door and scratched on their door and was whining, so they stole my car and just ditched my dog,” said Budrevich.

“There’s so much weight off my chest I’m so relieved, very relieved,” said Budrevich.

Budrevich’s van was located Monday afternoon in Youngstown.

Liberty Police is continuing to investigate.