YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The attorney for a woman who is expected to be sentenced this week in federal court for her role in distributing methamphetamine said one of her co-defendants got her hooked on the drug.

Jaclyn Szachury, 35, claims she became dependent on co-defendant Neil Dye because of her drug addiction, and while she accompanied him to drug transactions she never arranged those transactions nor did she receive any profits from them.

Szachury is expected to be sentenced Thursday by U.S. judge Donald Nugent on a charge of conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine in the U.S. Northern District Court of Ohio.

Szachury pleaded guilty to the charge on Oct. 1.

Szachury is one of six people indicted last March in federal court for selling methamphetamine from July to December 2019 in the Mahoning Valley. Four of those people have been sentenced including Dye, who received a 61-month sentence on Nov. 23 from Judge Nugent.

Szachury was charged with arson in 2006 in Portage County after a home burned down because people were cooking methamphetamine.

The sentencing guidelines in the case call for a sentence of up to 108 months but Szachury’s defense claims a prior conviction should not have been calculated.