YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – The Veterans Service Commission of Mahoning County has a new mobile office to help with veterans’ services.

Farber Specialty in Reynoldsburg, Ohio built the office, which was purchased through American Rescue Plan funds.

“It’s a really nice setup. I think we’re going to be able to service a lot of veterans with it. I think it’s going to make a big difference in the county,” said Paul Webber, county veterans services officer.

Susan Krawchyk, with the Veterans Service Commission, said the mobile office is capable of processing claims on-site, just as if you were to come into the office.

She said although they already go out to facilities to meet with clients, it will be much more efficient.

“We normally meet with them, gather their paperwork, come back here, do the claim, go back out, so it’ll cut down on the processing time where we would be able to meet with them on-site, come out to the mobile office, do their claim, take it into the building for them to sign,” she said.

The mobile office will travel to remote areas of Mahoning County and all adjacent counties, including in Pennsylvania.

“We can take it anywhere in the county, anywhere in the state, actually, and service any veteran that needs it. Drive right up to their house, if they need it,” Webber said.

The van was purchased with the American Rescue Plan Act grant money from the Mahoning County Commissioners. It will also be set up at festivals, county fairs and community events.

“Wherever there’s going to be a group of people. As I always say, somebody knows a veteran or is a neighbor or a family member, and if they just want information, that’s what we’re there for,” Krawchyk said.

The van will be at the new Carl Nunziato VA Outpatient Clinic located on Belmont Avenue two days a week, starting next Wednesday.