AUSTINTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – An Austintown military veteran has big plans this weekend. He’ll be part of a national celebration in Washington, D.C.

Scott Davis is participating in the National Memorial Day Parade, and he couldn’t be prouder. He sat in his office Friday looking over students’ papers at West Branch High School, a final day before the Memorial Day break.

“Most of my students know this already, but I didn’t do well in school. I got in a lot of trouble. Joining the service seriously changed my life,” Davis said.

Davis joined the Army in 1986. He was a parts and record specialist but got moved around and wound up being a driver for a task force commander in the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment.

“Saddam and his gang invaded on August 2nd. So, I came home, got married. We went down to our duty station in Fort Bliss and immediately I got shipped off,” Davis said.

That was 1990. Davis supported U.S. operations in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He served through 1992. Monday, he’s marching in the National Memorial Day parade with other veterans, and he’s serious about the relevance. He will carry a state flag in the parade. Ohio was taken, so he picked North Dakota.

“It’s important for those ones that didn’t come back. And that’s why I’m doing it. It’s an honor to honor them.” Davis said. “And I wanted to carry Ohio State, but someone beat me to it. So, I thought about it and I picked a state that I thought would, you know, wouldn’t have a lot of soldiers,” Davis said.

Each and every soldier who didn’t make it home will be on Davis’ mind as he walks in the parade. They wear the name of a fallen soldier on their uniform as they march, and Davis will certainly be thinking about them and their families.

So, when I march, I’m marching for the troops. I’m marching for the families and then for myself,” he said.

Davis is part of the National Desert Storm Memorial Association, which broke ground last year.
The memorial should be complete by the spring of 2025.