Local tutoring centers see uptick in students needing help

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This didn't come as a surprise, it just made the job of tutoring a little more challenging

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Tutoring centers are starting to see an uptick in students this school year. With many school districts doing remote learning, some parents are finding it just isn’t for everyone.

Erica Brown, with the ACLD School and Learning Center, said they originally started with more than 50 students needing help.

“We usually only start out with about 30 in September,” she said.

Ryan Philibin with the Tutoring Center said business is picking up now that students are back in school.

“Now that they are back in the swing of things, We definitely saw an increase, especially with the younger students,” he said.

This didn’t come as a surprise, it just made the job of tutoring a little more challenging.

“Working with kids who struggled to learn to begin with. Just helping with homework is a challenge when you’re trying to be a participant in their whole education, it’s pretty difficult.” Brown said.

Philibin said it’s difficult for kids to learn when they can’t ask the teacher questions, and you can’t have that direct face to face contact.

“I think that is where we step in a little bit and can give them that face to face, help out a little bit,” Philibin said.

These learning centers are reducing the number of students in each class. They also follow safety protocols like washing hands and wearing a mask.

“It’s very challenging on both the parent and the student to be at home and learn online,”Philibin said. “We are just here to support the school system and support the students and just help with some of the skills they might be lacking.”

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